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Finding an effective way to communicate your company’s story ends with Believe Advertising. Our PR marketing firm is committed to delve into your brand and market it as our own. Rely on us to-

  • Develop brand strategy
  • Build brand awareness and engagement
  • Manage crisis and safeguard reputation
  • Drive revenue growth & increase bottom line
  • Aggressively pursue results
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Why Hire a PR Consultant Right Now?

Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is at the top of the list for obvious reasons. Our PR marketing agency strives to ensure consistent and continuous media coverage for your brand. This allows your target audience to not only be aware of your business, but also recognize and remember it.

Generate New Business Opportunities

When done with maximum perfection, public relations can improve business outcomes by creating new leads. Strategically placing your brand in targeted media channels will increase awareness from your target group.

Gain Credibility

Credibility is essential when looking for new investors, acquiring new customers, or when large companies are paying attention to  potential acquisitions. And, there is nothing better than partnering with one of the best PR agencies to help build your credibility.

Increase your Return on Investment

The days when sales were the only measure of Return On Investment (ROI) are over. Our public relations activities can bring you more. This includes driving traffic to websites and increasing engagement on social media.

Outside Perspective and Objectivity

Hiring an independent and unbiased public relations agency makes it easy to come up with fresh approaches and new ideas. It provides insight into what works and what doesn’t work to reach your target audience.

Damage Control & Crisis Management

You need a reliable PR agency by your side in time of a crisis. We have the experience and the resources you need to respond appropriately. We have the appropriate tools and processes for monitoring the  crisis.

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  • Creative & passionate communication specialist who deliver game-changing outcomes
  • Empowering more people to make better financial decisions
  • Approach all stories and media outlets with a personalized approach
  • Customized strategies and powerful campaigns to achieve business goals

Digital PR Strategies to Look out for

Newsworthy Press Releases

This is one of the most conventional forms of PR. Press releases are designed as a direct approach to self-promotion. Publications can be used to showcase your brand’s products, expertise, and research.

Event Management

From staging a PR stunt to throwing a grand opening, events are a great tool a business can use to convey its message to the right key audience, while expanding on the brand’s awareness.

Social Media Management

Having all the tools and knowing how to boost your social media status by effectively managing and updating all your social media channels to ensure your brand continues to stay relevant in the eyes of your audience.

Influencer Marketing

Partnering with  social media influencers to get mentions can do wonders to your brand’s reputation. We choose influencers who are professionals and have an enthusiastic community and an audience associated with your brand. We help you find the right influencers and ensure  your brand thrives.

Media Buying

Although an advertisement can look great, if it is not seen by the right audience, it may as well have never been made in the first place. Like the old proverb goes, ‘If a tree falls in the forest but nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?’. For advertising to be effective, the right people need to notice it.

Product Placement

From the early days of Dr Pepper in the 90’s cult hit, 90210, to Aston Martin in James Bond, product placement has been a long standing form of advertising within the industry. Today, we see a shift in mediums, where product placement is becoming more popular not only on our small screens and blockbuster hits but in the digital sphere.

Why Choose Believe Advertising & PR?

  • With our in-depth understanding and expertise, we can find creative solutions to your needs.
  • No matter how busy you and your team are, we make sure we take can of your communications plan.
  • We strive to engage and convert relevant audiences at the right time.
  • We offer returns on your marketing investments
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Got Questions?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The key to choosing the best suited PR firm is to have a clear idea of ​​what you need help with. When you know your goals, you can make  better choices.

We at Believe Advertising work to obtain online digital news placements, print magazines, newspapers, and much more. We work fast. Our clients usually see media placements within the first few weeks after working with us.

It all depends on your PR goals. Tell us about your goals and we can make a personalized offer to you. Call us on (646.808.3030).

The goal of a communication specialist is to project a positive image of the hiring organization or individual.

Both are equally reliable for the success of your brand. However, the media you earn is considered more reliable than paid ads. News stories are more likely to resonate with your audience than paid ads.

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