Why You Need Publicity For Your Small Business

There is a saying; “You can never have enough publicity when you own a business”. It makes logical sense, the more people that know about your business the more customers you are likely to have. Unfortunately, most small businesses struggle when it comes to getting enough publicity. Over 90% of small business owners run on a very tight budget. Thus, most of them ignore finding new ways to create awareness about their business. However, the hard truth is that if you are not bringing new customers, the growth of your business is in danger.

The good news is that there are so many ways you can increase publicity for your small business even on a shoestring budget. Nowadays, many small business owners are leveraging digital platforms such as social media and news wire services as well as online influencers to boost publicity, create awareness, get more customers, and generate more sales for their business.

Your customers have to know that your business/product exists in order to sell any product or services. This is why it is hard to meet your business growth target if you are not looking for new ways to get publicity for your small business. When it comes to publicity, we are living in a golden age, thanks to the internet. You can now compete with other businesses just by leveraging various publicity opportunities that exist online.


Why is Public Relation Becoming An Integral Part of Marketing Mix for Small Businesses

Public relations (PR) isn’t something new. However, most small business owners are not rightly taking full advantage of it. Smart business owners use PR to build mutually beneficial relationships between their business and their target customers. They also leverage PR to create awareness, attract attention, earn trust, gain free publicity, and drive sales.

Almost every multinational companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple have big departments for public relation. Unfortunately, most small business owners wrongly assume that PR is only for large, multinational brands with huge marketing budgets. Even if you have just 3 employees, leveraging PR could be a smart way to save costs while creating awareness for your business, earning trust, and generating more sales.

Note that publicity is different from marketing. Despite being a component of marketing, publicity campaigns usually precede marketing campaigns that share more detailed information. The overarching purpose of publicity isn’t just to sell a product. It is used to create awareness, earn trust, and become known as a credible business before your customers and potential customers. In nutshell, publicity cuts deeper than marketing. It is through publicity that you gain loyal customers who will stick to your brand for a very long time.

When done well, PR can help you:

  • Build Credibility

Nowadays, customers have many options to get the same product you are selling. They can buy from your local competitor or online. This makes it tough to keep a customer unless they see you as credible. When it comes to spending, customers are usually reluctant. PR campaign helps you to appeal to your target audience, earn their trust, and get them to see you as credible.

  • Reach Target Market

When done well, you can use PR to expose your business and products to the right market. Since publicity is often more in-depth and provides a clearer explanation, you can get new customers who will help you promote your business by introducing your business to their friends, family, and contact.

  • Build Your Public Image

How do you want the public to perceive your brand? It takes a long time to build a good reputation online. However, building a reputation online is only possible when you engage in PR.


Other Reasons Why You Should Include Publicity in Your Marketing Mix

  1. More Effective than Advertising

Experts agree that publicity is 90% more effective than advertising. When you advertise, you aim at just selling a product. However, publicity targets building a loyal customer base. The role of publicity isn’t to get a one-off customer. Instead, the objective is to get a customer who continues to seek the product/services of the brand.

  1. Boosts Brand Visibility

Do you wish that more people know about your business? Try investing more in publicity! You will get more people to know about your business and what you do. According to a recent survey, you can boost visibility up to 60% when you invest in publicity the right way.

  1. Creates Long-Lasting Relationship

Publicity aims at building and maintaining a strong long-lasting relationship with customers. It provides customers the information they need to know. Perhaps, this is why most big businesses invest a lot of money into public relations.

Final Word

If you are not investing in publicity, you are taking a huge risk. Remember, publicity is not only for big businesses. Small businesses also need publicity to grow and sustain growth.