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Event services

Event planning takes the organisational skills of Taylor Swift’s dating schedule and the business flair of Kris Jenner- alternatively you can hire a PR team to plan your event.

From staging a PR stunt to throwing a grand opening, events are a great tool a business can use to convey its message to the right key audience, while expanding on the brand’s awareness.

Here at Believe Advertising & PR, our event services are extensive and unique. From designing the invitation, arranging for the who’s who to attend, to following up with the press afterwards, we can take care of it all.

Our event services are tailored to your brand’s image where we will choose contacts that relate to your organisation for maximum press coverage- your party will be more notorious than Corey Worthington’s 2008 bash, but for all the right reasons.

We take full responsibility for making internet provider company, Vividwireless “sexy” as stated by Sun-Herald’s social pages writer, after attending the brand launch lunch planned and facilitated by us. From taking a once unknown alcohol brand, VODKAO and making it now one of the best selling vodkas in Australia to working with Novak Djokovic for his brand partners HEAD and SEIKO on two separate international events, we have done it all.

Whether you’re aiming to make the next social papers for your international launch or planning a more intimate event, Believe Advertising & PR can help you raise awareness for your cause.