This season’s Hair Trends

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This season’s Hair Trends

The big four Fashion Week’s catwalks have shown sleek hair, braids and low ponytails to be the hot trends this year. Cara Delevingne showed off all three trends at Chanel’s fashion show in Paris this month. She showcased a sleek low ponytail with braids in it. And Believe Advertising’s Sydney PR office thinks that Cara rocked the look. It’s all about braids this season. You can do them like Cara and put your hair straight back and end it in braids. Or if you are not into the sleek hair no worries! Messy hair is also hot this winter. First, use a hairdryer to create volume then add some sea salt and your hair will be so easy to work with. Loosely bind with a hair band for a tousled look. If there is no time for showering in the morning use a good dry shampoo and style away. If you rather prefer an evening shower, braid your hair or tie it back in a tight bun to sleep in. The next day spray it once over with a sea salt spray and you are ready to ride the day with perfect beach waves.

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