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What are the Top 3 Criteria When Looking for a PR Firm?

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What are the Top 3 Criteria When Looking for a PR Firm?

Hiring a public relation firm is one of the most important business-related decisions you will make for your company. It is therefore very important that you get it right.  Any advertising agency in Australia can promise you results but not all of them will deliver on their promises. A firm you hire can make or mar your business. Your target right from the get-go is to get as best result as possible.

A good PR firm will handle the reputation of your company. They do this by monitoring the market so they can be proactive instead of reactive. When you work with an Australian PR firm that is efficient and strategic, they will always have a plan for every possible scenario or event that your company may encounter which can influence your reputation.

The job of a good PR doesn’t stop with building and nurturing your reputation, it is also their duty to work with your marketing team to provide more sales and bring in more loyal customers. They do this by aligning their goals with the goals of your marketing team and through effective collaboration. PR agencies bring in more sales through their connection with various advertising agencies in Australia. Perhaps, the kind of connection top PR firms have in the media world is one quality that makes hiring them very worthwhile.

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While it is true that a good PR firm is always proactive, there are some crises which can never be anticipated. When these crises occur, it is very important that you already have a good and reputable PR to help your company manage these crises. Data from PwC showed that most top companies have experienced at least one corporate crisis in the last five years. You do not need to wait until you have crises before hiring a good PR firm.  Get them as soon as possible so they will work alongside your in-house team.

Despite these advantages, hiring the right PR firm can be an uphill task. Most companies usually don’t get it right at their first attempt. To make your experience of hiring the best PR firm better, we have compiled the list of most important criteria you must look for when you are searching for a PR firm in Australia.

Top 3 Criteria to Consider When You Want to Hire a PR Firm

  • Reputation

It goes without saying that a PR firm with a bad reputation won’t be able to help you build a good one. Above everything else, having a good reputation is non-negotiable. Before you request for a quote or start negotiating with any media company, make sure that they have the right reputation. This means that the company keeps their promise and goes above and beyond to satisfy their customers.

How can you know a PR firm with a good reputation? Easy, research them! With so many free review websites such as Trustpilot and Google Business, you can easily read about these companies before you hire them. Additionally, you can also ask for a recommendation from your business friends.  Set a bar/criteria of what a good reputation means to you, make a shortlist of agencies that you will like to work with, eliminate the agencies who didn’t reach this criteria.


What is reputation PR?

  • Media Connections

A good PR firm is one that knows many media outlets, journalists, thought leaders, industry figureheads, news sources, and the ability to work with other PR agencies. Media connection is very important. Only a company with a good media connection can make your business visible. They will be able to keep your business constantly in the mind of your customers and find a way to reach your targeted customers.

Do not just hire because the price is very cheap. In our experience, most agencies with below the average industry price don’t have good media relationships necessary to impact the market. Building such media connections takes time. In most cases, it takes years to build. Therefore, it is very important that you only work with a reputable and experienced advertising agency in Australia to take advantage of their media connection.

  • Experience and Expertise

Experience is very important in every business. Certainly, it is something money can’t buy. An experienced PR firm can get your company very far. With high-level competition in your industry, only an experienced agency can provide strategic and custom-made solutions to put you on the top. For an experienced company, no two jobs are the same. They have a tailor-made solution to solve any PR problem.

Expertise grows with experience. Most companies with good experience in the company certainly know what they are doing. Before hiring the next PR company, ask them to make a list of other companies they have represented and projects they have worked in. This will help you decide if the company has the right experience to help deliver the type of results you expect.

Final Words

Hiring a good PR firm isn’t as easy as choosing the first company that pops on your Google search. The firm must meet the 3 criteria mentioned above. The advertising agency in Australia that you choose must also have the right price point. Good expertise, experience, reputation, and the right media connections are the criteria you need to look out for. An agency that meets the above criteria can certainly help to deliver the right result for your company.

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