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Reasons To Invest In A PR Agency Now More Than Ever

Creates Credibility

PR Advertising is one of the best ways to define your brand. Executing a PR strategy enhances positive exposure for a business. It can help you build a trusted pathway.

Raises Brand Awareness

A consistent PR advertising program can help you raise awareness of a service, product or brand. It can help secure partnerships, customers, and sales

Fuels Growth

Hiring an advertising agency in Perth can help you attract the right prospects. It helps in fuelling business growth & improving outcomes.

Enhances Brand Transformation

PR Advertising is responsible for providing a new outlook for how your audience and the press perceives your brand. Positive press mentions can really transform your business.

Saves You Money

A well-curated PR strategy offers more bang for the buck. Furthermore, PR can help generate investor interest in your business and drive greater valuation.

Enhances Market Positioning

Great PR advertising helps in positioning your brand in the target market. As more people get to know of your services, your positioning can lead to increased referral sources.

A PR & Advertising Agency with a Purpose

We strive to deliver content-led, multi-channelled campaigns that your audience actually wants to watch and read about. We take pride in shaping your communication strategies for the digital age.

We can help you:

  • Generate more leads
  • Increase sales quicker than you think
  • Scale your business
  • Expand your business internationally

Our Services can Help you Get your Message out

Public Relations

Our creative services are second-to-none. Our campaigns always stand out from the crowd, giving you excellent PR coverage. We cater to a very diverse range of industries, including gourmet food, fashion, beauty & real estate.

Social Media Management

Boost your leads and sales overnight with our social media advertising services that have helped business for more than two decades.

Blogger & Influencer Marketing

Believe Advertising works closely with bloggers from a range of industries to ensure that your brand is the talk of the town. We are actively engaged with bloggers and get our clients tremendous amounts of online exposure.


Our event services are extensive and unique. From designing the invitation, arranging for the who’s who of the social world to attend, to following up with the press afterwards, we take care of it all.

Media Buying

If you want to reinforce your PR campaign with paid advertising, then Believe Advertising & PR have the media planning and buying skills to make your paid advertising budget go further.

Product Placement

Our client’s products are placed within hit Australian TV shows such as The Voice, Dancing with the Stars and Neighbours and are constantly seen in the press, being used by only the hottest Aussie celebrities.

Press Release Distribution

Do you have a story or a press release that needs to be distributed to the media nationally or internationally? We can get your news release into the hands of key, influential journalists across the globe.

Video Production

We offer cost effective, innovative video production that will be sure to make your audience stop scrolling and start sharing. Scroll-stopping videos will spark conversation, spike emotions, and skyrocket your sales.

Chinese Marketing

Communicate your brand to key Chinese buyers and influencers, promoting your product to their extensive followers here in Australia and Asia.

Why Choose Believe Advertising & PR?

  • Our in-depth understanding and expertise allow us to find creative solutions as per your needs
  • No matter how busy you and your team are, we ensure your social media channels are a priority
  • We strive to engage and convert relevant audiences at the right time.
  • We offer 10x returns on your marketing investments
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Public relations is all about building trust. PR services aim towards creating a strong brand with a great reputation. For your business, relationships built with clients, investors, employees, government officials, agencies, and the media can go a long way.

Hiring a digital marketing agency is worth every penny you spend on a good one. You need a digital presence to take your business to the pinnacle and you can’t do it all by yourself.

With a marketing agency like ours by your side, you can focus on your business while we focus on the marketing.

You can certainly do your own PR. But, doing it on your own can be pretty challenging. Experts have greater knowledge about which aspects of a brand need attention. Consulting a PR agency can be the best choice to make. They know what it takes to grow your business online. We, at Believe, generate new media coverage for our clients.

Yes, we do. Branding is one of the most significant aspects of any marketing company’s strategy. This is primarily because your brand is what will gain customer recognition and customer recognition is what boosts sales. In Perth, we are one of those creative brand agencies that can establish your brand clearly and concisely.