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  • Improve your business presence on social media platforms
  • Develop strategies to increase conversion rate and sales
  • Build a strong brand image of your business in the local market
  • Help you emerge as a leader in your industry
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Reasons to Hire a PR Agency In Melbourne Right Now!

Long-Lasting Impression

The right marketing & PR company in Melbourne can help you establish credibility in the industry & build a long-lasting impression on your stakeholders and target audience.

Improve Brand Presence

A strong media network can help your business grow. At Believe Advertising, our PR experts strive hard to garner the attention of influencers and journalists. This will help you get publicity, media coverage and will eventually boost brand awareness.

Boost Business Growth

A well-executed PR plan improves your market reputation that helps to attract more investors and big clients. Grow as much as you want as long as you’re branding your business with a creative agency in Melbourne.

Build Positive Brand Image

Build a positive image of your brand with consistent press releases. Schedule them on a regular basis. From counterattacking online shaming to mitigating the damages of competitors’ PR, we can help.

Leverage the power of the best PR Company in Melbourne!

Creative Agency In Sydney You Can Rely On

  • At Believe Advertising, we strive hard to deliver high-quality content on different platforms to communicate with your target customers.We can help you:
    • Get high-quality leads via social media and beyond
    • Get your website rank at the top positions on Google and other search engines
    • Grow your business engagement across various social media platforms
    • Attain prominent online presence

    brand gain recognition in the industry

  • Grow your customer base via new marketing tactics and channels
  • Expand the reach of your brand on new and emerging platforms
  • Increase potential sales of your products & services

Melbourne Marketing Agency Services Include

Public Relations

Our creative services are second-to-none. Our campaigns always stand out from the crowd, giving you excellent PR coverage. We cater to a very diverse range of industries, including gourmet food, fashion, beauty & real estate.

Social Media Management

Boost your leads and sales overnight with our social media advertising services that have helped business for more than two decades.

Blogger & Influencer Marketing

Believe Advertising works closely with bloggers from a range of industries to ensure that your brand is the talk of the town. We are actively engaged with bloggers and get our clients tremendous amounts of online exposure.


Our event services are extensive and unique. From designing the invitation, arranging for the who’s who of the social world to attend, to following up with the press afterwards, we take care of it all.

Media Buying

If you want to reinforce your PR campaign with paid advertising, then Believe Advertising & PR have the media planning and buying skills to make your paid advertising budget go further.

Product Placement

Our client’s products are placed within hit Australian TV shows such as The Voice, Dancing with the Stars and Neighbours and are constantly seen in the press, being used by only the hottest Aussie celebrities.

Press Release Distribution

Do you have a story or a press release that needs to be distributed to the media nationally or internationally? We can get your news release into the hands of key, influential journalists across the globe.

Video Production

We offer cost effective, innovative video production that will be sure to make your audience stop scrolling and start sharing. Scroll-stopping videos will spark conversation, spike emotions, and skyrocket your sales.

Chinese Marketing

Communicate your brand to key Chinese buyers and influencers, promoting your product to their extensive followers here in Australia and Asia.

Why Choose Believe Advertising

  • Our in-depth understanding and expertise allow us to find creative solutions as per your needs
  • No matter how busy you and your team are, we ensure your social media channels are a priority
  • We strive to engage and convert relevant audiences at the right time.
  • We offer 10x returns on your marketing investments
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Got Questions?

The main difference between PR and marketing is that marketing is all about promoting and selling a company’s products or services on different platforms.

While public relations means building a strong and positive reputation for the company.

At Believe Advertising, we offer creative marketing & PR services to a range of industries in Melbourne. This includes

  • Hospitality
  • Restaurant
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Retail
  • Health
  • Real Estate

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Some of the basic PR tools that our Melbourne marketing agency uses to build your brand image include –

  • Social media
  • Business events & conferences
  • Advertorials
  • Media relations
  • Press release
  • Brochures

Social media is a great tool to improve public relations.

  • Allows you to reach and communicate with target customers globally
  • Offers 24/7 user engagement
  • Boosts brand awareness
  • Builds consistent brand image