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4 Key Lessons PR Companies In Sydney Must Learn From The Pandemic

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4 Key Lessons PR Companies In Sydney Must Learn From The Pandemic

COVID-19 left everyone unprepared and with the global pandemic taking its devastating physical toll on every business, rethinking PR strategies to regain momentum was the only way to stay in the PR game.

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All of the PR initiatives and plans have gone out the window when stores started to shut down, it forced everyone to stay at home. Despite businesses taking a 360 degree turn, PR agencies in Sydney did not throw in the towel.

The global pandemic became a perfect opportunity to introduce new concepts. Thanks to these 5 key lessons.

  • There’s nothing wrong with changing your plans

While everyone thought 2020 would be a promising year, it turned out to be the opposite. PR agencies with big goals, hopes and remarkable PR activity that they are ready to implement have suddenly been halted when coronavirus hit.

This doesn’t mean, however, that it’s the end of public relations because there’s always room for changing plans.

It’s okay to shift your focus and review campaign ideas based on what the situation dictates.

  • Continue to focus on marketing

When countries were placed on lockdown, business owners did as much as they could to protect their company. One of the things that they had to pause was marketing.

While this may seem to be a wise move as it enabled them to save money, many businesses have missed out on a bigger opportunity.

What these business owners didn’t know is that they don’t need to increase their marketing spend to share their story. The pandemic was a perfect opportunity to make use of digital tools like social media to secure coverage.

Since PR involves creating a sustainable strategy regardless of the situation, the pandemic should be a perfect opportunity to let your audience know who you are and what you do.

  • Be Resourceful

With unemployment at its all-time high, job descriptions have changed overnight for most businesses. This means that PR may no longer be their top priority.

It’s important as a PR agency to understand the new responsibilities that your client has assumed. Find out where PR fits so you can formulate a strategy based on your client’s new goals.

If there is an opportunity for you to take something off your client’s plate, approach them. Search for strategies that can help ease businesses into the transition process. Being resourceful gives your client a clear message that you are irreplaceable.

  • Continue to communicate

You might have already prepared a PR calendar for the entire year and you’re ready to pitch interesting stories. However, things suddenly changed because of the pandemic.

While your clients are excited about your PR plans, they deserve to know what’s going on. That’s why you have to communicate with them early on so you can prepare for an effective backup.

Clients are in control over the narrative by communicating early and often, you will be able to eliminate any undesirable outcome. Be sure to be transparent about your information as much as possible to maintain control when the situation changes.

As a PR agency, it’s important to be prepared when a crisis strikes. A backup plan can make a lot of difference when it comes to maintaining consistent and positive PR results.

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