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5 Reasons Why Crafting A Press Release Is Still Important

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PR Company Sydney
PR Company Sydney

5 Reasons Why Crafting A Press Release Is Still Important

Even in the digital age where information can be accessed at the speed of light, storytelling may not seem to be relevant and as a PR company in Sydney, a customized release is still important. If you want your branding to gain traction and be at the forefront of your audience, constant communication in the form of releases is essential.

While the way people communicate has changed drastically making news consumption available 24/7, press releases still have a powerful impact on people, especially when it comes to bringing fresh information. According to a Global State of the Media report conducted by Cision in 2019, 65% of journalists still believe in the influence of audience metrics in terms of changing the way stories are evaluated. 

Journalists still deem PR professionals valuable in connecting both consumers and media outlets through well-written press releases promoting new products or services. 

Here are five reasons press releases should be part of your PR strategy:

1. Create Customer Engagement

If in the past press releases only reached journalists, online news distributors have taken distribution to a higher level by tapping into social media platforms giving brands better digital footprint and providing consumers direct access to these materials.

There are also tried and true brand channels and social sites that communicate with consumers hitting two birds with one stone by reaching untapped audiences and getting media coverage. 

2. Builds A Relationship With Media Outlets

A survey revealed that 71% of journalists are relying on press releases as their primary source of information. If you’ve invested your time and effort creating relevant press releases, media professionals will take time to read them. 

One way you can pique the interest of journalists is by providing information that will let the audience know what’s going on with the brand you’re promoting. Pitches are ideal for product updates. 

Be sure to keep your story short and concise. Media outlets only need timely and relevant pitches so be sure your release has a quick turn around. 

3. Provides SEO traffic

Press releases enable search engines to match, index or rank your press release. When your press release contains core elements such as relevant keywords and links, you will be able to rank well in search engines. 

So take time to choose stories that resonate with your audience. 

4. Engage with customers

Before, the sole purpose of press releases is to reach out to journalists, but with the continuous rise in social media, even consumers can have direct access to news stories. Maximise the effectiveness of press releases in increasing customer engagement by distributing it on social media channels so you can reach untapped audiences. 

5. Build a brand’s reputation

Another reason you should continue to write press releases is because of its power to change customer perception. Many studies have confirmed that customers base their buying decision on the information they obtain from the Internet. 

A well-written press release can go a long way when it comes to building a brand’s reputation. Whether you’ll introduce a new product or announce the brand’s significant milestones, press releases will serve as a useful tool in building reputation. 

PR Company Sydney

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