5 Ways For Companies To Increase Sales During Uncertain Times

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In uncertain times, businesses all over the world sigh in exasperation. After the initial Covid-19 lockdown, which caused many countries to experience a recession, many entrepreneurs now anxiously anticipate the same struggle in the months to come. However, by learning from past mistakes and following these five tips, you can ensure that you are setting your business up for success.

1. Implement A Public Relations Strategy

Using the press is one of the most effective ways to maintain a brand’s relevance. Because of the fast-paced nature of modern media, public attention is constantly diverted from one topic to another. Despite what’s going on in the world, the media remains a consistent platform that can be strategically used to improve brand image and expand company reach. Start small by connecting with local news outlets to expose people to your company on a community level before expanding your outreach to regional and national sources. These polarizing times also provide an opportunity for businesses to step in and implement social change, resulting in both positive impact and positive press.

2. Employ Social Media 

With people spending more time on screens, there is perhaps no better way to advertise than by using social media. Take advantage of this to increase customer engagement with your brand. Boosting your social media presence is especially useful for small businesses as it is a great way to efficiently and effectively attract attention, especially for those struggling to stay afloat.

By establishing a human connection on multiple social media platforms and interacting with your followers on a daily basis, you can easily determine what your customers like and dislike and even gain insight into your competitors’ strategies. Polls, geotags, pinned comments, live videos, questionnaires and shoppable posts are just a few of the many useful features that you can use to keep customers active and interested. Many platforms also have an insights feature that allows users to analyze their most popular posts, their best/worst content and even their audience’s location, age and gender.

3. Engage Influencers 

Because social media plays such a pivotal role in multiple aspects of our world today, celebrities and influencers hold much power. By establishing a partnership with a credible influencer whose brand and target audience align with yours, you can introduce and promote your company to their large platform. Influencers help determine current trends, create conversation and control the cultural narrative, so they are the best people to advertise on your behalf. Especially during a time when resources may be running low, working with social media influencers can be both cost-efficient and convenient. While small businesses may not necessarily have the means to connect with a high-powered celebrity, you can probably find an influencer with a similar target audience and expose your brand to their audience, therefore gaining customers from their fanbase.

4. Adapt 

In any circumstance, businesses must be flexible and adapt to the obstacles they face. The pandemic is no different. Amid the lockdown and social distancing, companies learned to evolve and adapt. Whether it was a restaurant offering contactless delivery, a gym providing virtual trainers or a store introducing curbside pickup, it became clear that many industries were capable of modifying their products and/or services in a way that benefits customers in the midst of a global pandemic. People’s lives will likely remain uncertain post-pandemic, so your business must be flexible and responsive to any change that arises. Stay up-to-date with cultural trends and cater to the current and immediate needs of your target audience to maintain relevance during these tumultuous times.

5. Reach Out To Customers

The pandemic and its isolating nature are causing many people to feel trapped and alone. Reaching out to your customers and making an effort to reassure them can go a long way. A major aspect of customer relations is establishing a meaningful connection, and you can do this by delivering a personal message offering assistance during these difficult times. Even emails to subscribers with phrases such as “we miss you” and “thinking of you” can contribute to your customers’ peace of mind. Make sure your customers know that they are not alone in this struggle and that you remain committed to serving them every step of the way. Not only will customers appreciate the genuine help and comfort, but they also may perceive your brand as more human and authentic.

Furthermore, this will likely help your company stand out from competing brands as your customers will remember you for your kind efforts.

The continuation of the pandemic may seem like a never-ending blow to your company’s future, but the five tips above can help you make the most of the current enviroment. Hard work and dedication combined with the adoption of unique ideas and creative marketing strategies will not only keep your business afloat but also help it skyrocket to higher levels of success.


Originally written by Adrian Falk for Forbes

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