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Alcohol-Free Spirits

Believe Advertising & PR is excited to be working with Lyre’s, an Australian company creating alcohol-free spirits that taste just like the real thing.


Lyre’s line of non-alcoholic spirits includes classics such as Absinthe, Gin, Amaretto, Whiskey, Coffee Liqueur and more.


In the first 8 weeks of launching internationally, Lyre’s has accrued over $1M in sales. The founder, Mark Livings, has successfully begun exporting their alcohol-free line into countries such as New Zealand, the United States, Singapore, and parts of the UK. Lyre’s  has even gained the support of former Shark Tank judge and high-profile Aussie businessman, Andrew Banks.


With the help of Believe’s leading edge PR strategies, Lyre’s has made headlines in some of Australia’s top publications, to name a few:

  • The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age – Executive Style

  • Delicious Magazine

  • Better Homes & Gardens

  • The Advertiser


“We want to help people understand that there’s a choice out there available for them. We want alcohol-free cocktails to sit on menus as comfortably as vegan meals at a local cafe. That’s our big mission,” said Livings. Believe is thrilled to help the Lyre’s brand make that goal a reality.

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