Best Fashion Moments In Film

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Best Fashion Moments In Film

With Mean Girls celebrating its 10th anniversary, our Sydney Fashion PR agency looked back at the five best fashion moments in film. “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” Lindsay Lohan learned that the hard way in Mean Girls (2004). However, Lindsay’s choice to borrow Damien’s huge pink shirt is quite a fashion disaster. But we all loved her anyway in the part as the naïve Cady who struggled to rules of girl world. Julia Roberts looked amazing in her role as Vivian Ward and became a true fashionista, winning our hearts in the meantime. She showed that it is possible for every woman to become the person they want to be, and that fashion is never a “Big mistake!” Audrey Hepburn is and will always be a style icon. The opening scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s will always remain a perfect example of timeless style and grace. Fifty years on, this look emanates utter class! Olivia Newton John and John Travolta took everyone’s breath away in Grease. Especially Olivia when she got rid of her very girly high school look for the sexiest outfit on screen! Wouldn’t we all die to be able to wear those pants! Our PR agency lastly can’t go past Sex & The City. Sara Jessica Parker continuously spellbound us all in the number one girl series Sex and the City. Carrie showed us how to live and love through fashion. The Sex and City Movie and this opening dress will always be in our hearts as the perfect Carrie outfit.

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