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Chantelle Brott, Director of Operations and Co-Founder, HealthMint

How did you get your start?
Back in 2015 my husband and I opened our pilot HealthMint Medical Centre in Cranbourne north. We started by questioning every element of the experience of a GP clinic and questioning how every step of a patient’s journey could be improved. This evolved into a full redesign of the traditional GP clinic. People love our approach so much that we were recently showcased on national news as the GP clinic of the future! Now we are expanding the business with a site in Croydon on the way and are actively looking for GP partners to open more practices across Australia!

What motivates you?
The belief that by looking at things from different perspectives we can create great potential!

What is one piece of advice you would give to those thinking of starting their own business?
Find a mentor. Someone who has been there/done that and that you can bounce ideas off. Someone who will guide you on areas of improvement and how best to achieve your goals.

What are you doing to change the world for the better?
Improving the healthcare system in Australia! We have completely redesigned the look, feel and experience of a visit to the GP. With no chunky reception desk, no desks in consulting rooms and wireless healthcare concierge (in lieu of receptionists), we have removed barriers and personalised the overall experience. We have streamlined everything, making it cozy and comfortable (like being at home) and have an average 5 minute wait time! We have also carefully brought together a team who are all focussed on preventative and holistic healthcare. Ultimately, our patient’s feel relaxed, in control and confident that their health is in good hands, breaking the cycle of rush-em-in-and-out care that has become prevalent in Australian General Practice.

Did you experience failures? If so, what did you learn from them?
Yes! To always have a contingency plan, and that the only thing that is constant is change.

What were some mistakes you wish you could’ve avoided?
Finding an issue with the floor in our first site when it was too late! Also, hiring people who were the wrong fit for the business.

How can people connect with you? (Website, social media handles, etc)

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