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Green Is The New Black

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PR Company Sydney
PR Company Sydney

Green Is The New Black

Here at out Sydney PR agency we love a good trend so when our beauty PR and fashion PR teams heard that that The Colour Institute Pantone had released its colour of the year we were all ears. This year’s choice ‘Greenery’ as announced by the colour authority brings a fresh and versatile colour option to the wardrobe, pairing well with many other colour combinations including neutrals, pastels, deeper shades and even metallic prints, which this year have seen a revival.

Symbolic of new beginnings and very fitting for moving forward and upwards in the new year, the colour green is associated with renewal and growth. Setting the tone for the year ahead The Colour Institute Pantone’s colour decision is reflective of the current social and political climate, representing issues that will take precedence in 2017.

According to the Pantone institute, climate change will take priority in 2017 as people become more aware of their surroundings. This need to feel closer to nature has also filtered down through social circles as we become more environmentally consciences in our choices and the use of recyclable materials increases.

This theme is seen through fashion, architecture and interior design with this year’s runway shows debuting a number of sustainable and ethical fashion choices. This approach to design and manufacturing products, with minimising the environmental impact, is set to grow in the year ahead.

PR Company Sydney

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