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How Artificial Intelligence will Change Public Relations

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Artificial Intelligence Public Relations

How Artificial Intelligence will Change Public Relations

With the constant change and innovation in technology, there is no surprise that many industries will have to adapt. As more of the population become tech-savvy, there is a growing need for having a human connection online. We do everything from shopping to working online and with this artificial intelligence has become very useful. Industries like public relations have seen a rise in the use of AI, and although it is fairly new, advancements in technology will change the way Public Relations is done.

Artificial Intelligence

Although AI is fairly new it is still developing and has been changing the way many industries handle their business.

You can see it all around you, from Siri on your smartphone to emails you receive daily. However, it is very complex and can be split into two types:

  • Narrow AI: In the PR industry narrow AI is very complex. Have you ever visited a website with a chatbot asking if you are in need of assistance? That’s what narrow AI is. It can also improve your Google’s page ranking which is the technology that determines which websites appear at the top of the search engine. Public relations companies maintain and build a public image of other organizations. Using AI can make your website appear at the top of searches leading to more traffic and an opportunity to turn these visitors into potential customers.

  • General AI: Artificial general intelligence is different but will also change the way traditional PR is done. It can be used to carry out specific tasks without being programmed how to do so which will improve the speed and efficiency in PR projects. Think about it, PR professionals are constantly working on ways to increase brand awareness and reach consumers like you. General AI can organize calendars, and publish press releases promoting a specific product or news item related to their clients.

Effect on Public Relations & Communications

In the PR industry there is a need for clients to remain relevant. Integrating artificial intelligence into public relations strategies can help with sending direct and relevant messages to specific audiences, improve the speed services are performed,

  • Optimized Target Audience: 

    • Artificial intelligence gathers data on consumers, and now more than ever, there is more information available about consumers. With AI, advertising can be optimized specifically to meet an individual consumer’s needs. This produces a higher return on their advertising due to the messaging being relevant for the consumer.

  • Improved Efficiency and Creativity:

    • Public relations agencies are constantly on the hunt for efficient and creative ways to improve brand awareness. AI will improve their production by processing consumer data at a rapid speed. Business owners are constantly on the hunt for ways to make faster and more informed decisions that drive brand awareness.

  • Improved Website Experience

    • By analyzing data of consumers like location, demographics, and interaction with the website, PR agencies can use AI to customize content on the website, providing the best experience for a potential consumer.

  • Better Customer Experience

    • AI can help to deliver customized messages to consumers at the right time of the consumer cycle. This helps PR professionals identify potential consumers and customers at risk by targeting them with the right advertisements to keep them informed about the brand.

Every industry looks for changes and improvements to keep consumers on their toes, and this is no different for the PR industry. By helping PR professionals collect data to provide a better customer experience, AI can help in ways that didn’t exist before. Building customer data from websites and social media enables companies to put together PR projects that are more relevant to consumers’ needs. AI provides traditional public relations with tools that provide personalized and relevant content brought at the right time to impact conversion rates for any business out there.

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