How do I get featured in Forbes USA?

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How do I get featured in Forbes USA?

Securing a feature in Forbes USA is a coveted achievement for entrepreneurs and business leaders aiming to elevate their visibility and credibility on a global scale. Forbes is highly selective about the stories and individuals it chooses to feature, but with strategic efforts and perseverance, you can increase your chances of catching the attention of Forbes editors. Here’s a guide on how to get featured in Forbes USA:

  1. Develop a Compelling Narrative:
    Forbes looks for compelling stories that resonate with a broad audience. Reflect on your entrepreneurial journey—what challenges have you overcome? What unique insights or innovations have you brought to your industry? Craft a narrative that is not only inspiring but also showcases your resilience and vision.
  1. Achieve Remarkable Successes:
    To stand out to Forbes editors, you need to demonstrate significant achievements or milestones. This could be rapid business growth, disruptive innovation, successful funding rounds, or notable industry recognitions. Tangible successes capture attention and make your story newsworthy.
  1. Build a Strong Online Presence:
    Maintain an active and engaging online presence across various platforms. Forbes editors often research potential features online, so ensure your website and social media profiles are up-to-date and reflect your expertise. Share valuable content, participate in industry conversations, and engage with your audience consistently.
  1. Network with Forbes Contributors:
    Connect with journalists and contributors who cover topics related to your industry or expertise. Engage with their content, share insights, and offer to contribute guest articles or quotes. Building relationships with Forbes contributors can open doors to potential features or mentions.
  1. Create High-Quality Content:
    Establish yourself as a thought leader by producing valuable and insightful content. Write articles, create videos, or host podcasts that demonstrate your expertise and perspective. Forbes contributors often seek expert opinions and industry insights for their articles, so consistently producing high-quality content can lead to visibility opportunities.
  1. Submit a Thoughtful Pitch:
    When reaching out to Forbes, craft a personalized and well-researched pitch. Clearly articulate why your story is compelling and relevant to Forbes readers. Highlight your unique achievements, industry impact, or innovative approach. Tailor your pitch to align with Forbes’ editorial focus and audience.
  1. Leverage Local or Global Impact:
    Highlight how your work or business contributes to the broader community, whether locally or globally. Forbes values stories that have a meaningful impact on society, the economy, or industry trends. Emphasize the significance of your contributions and why they deserve recognition.
  1. Engage with Forbes Events and Initiatives:
    Stay updated on Forbes events, such as summits, conferences, or webinars. Participate in these events to connect with Forbes editors, contributors, and industry influencers. Networking at Forbes-sponsored gatherings can enhance your visibility and credibility within the Forbes community.
  1. Stay Persistent and Patient:
    Getting featured in Forbes USA requires persistence and patience. If your initial pitch is not successful, continue refining your approach, building relationships, and enhancing your accomplishments. Consistent effort and perseverance can eventually lead to the recognition you seek.


In conclusion, getting featured in Forbes USA demands a combination of compelling storytelling, remarkable achievements, strong networking, and consistent visibility efforts. By strategically positioning yourself as a thought leader and making meaningful contributions to your industry, you can increase your chances of earning a coveted spot in Forbes’ prestigious lineup of featured entrepreneurs and innovators.