Keep Shining All Winter Long

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Keep Shining All Winter Long

Our Beauty PR and lifestyle department is always searching for the next hottest ways to keep looking and feeling good. With daylight savings now over for another year and winter around the corner, we thought we’d share with you ways you can keep your summer body throughout the winter months. HIIT: Stands for High Intensive Interval Training. This is a great way to work on your cardio. The workout is intense and in short intervals. Combine it with a strength workout and you will see fast and effective results. CROSSFIT: CrossFit is a short session built around cardio and strength. It is constant varying exercises performed under high intensity. YOGA & PILATES If you are more after a workout to relax the mind and body, then you can’t go past yoga or pilates. Try Bikram yoga that takes place in a heated room or Astanga yoga which is the most strength challenging of them all. You can also try the classic Hatha yoga where you get to work on your breathing. RUNNING Don’t underestimate what a simple run can do for you. Start by making small goals and then work your way up from there. After a great workout there is nothing better than a hot shower. Remember to moisturise after to keep your summer skin glowing throughout the winter months ahead.

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