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At our Sydney Beauty PR office, we sure love a good perfume as a finishing touch to every outfit for every occasion. Everyone has their own favourite perfume, but what if you want to swap your signature scent this season? In summer, you’re more likely to go for a more floral and light scent. For autumn, try a spicier fragrance that will warm you up on the colder days. Other noted scents to choose from in winter include citrus and subtle floral. The scent alone is not the only important thing; it is also a matter of how you wear it. We asked around at our Beauty PR HQ and here are our top three tips to rock your perfume this autumn: – Try not to mix your perfume with other scents. Use scented products that complement your perfume or scentless beauty products. – To avoid stains, spray on your perfume before you get dressed. – Besides the usual spots to spray perfume, such as the wrists, neck and behind your ears, spray some at the nape of your neck. Not only will it diffuse easily because of the warmth of your skin, it will also spread the scent of your favourite perfume when your hair moves. Shine this season with some quick tips to finish off any outfit. But remember, be scentsible with your application!

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