Nail It! The Must Have Nails This season.

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Nail It! The Must Have Nails This season.

Here at our beauty PR agency we love nail polish and have been watching closely all the nail trends that have emerged from the recent Fashion Weeks. A painted nail is amazing for spicing up any outfit and splashing colour into your life especially now with winter looming. Check out the cool nails that our beauty pr team is obsessing over. The big hit this season is nail art! And it can be so easily done. Try with floral prints by using a piece of tulle and a sponge to carefully dabbing the pattern on. Or try casual stripes to put an edge to your look. Light and nude colours have proven to be a key trend. The colours tend to be delicate milk white and light pink rather than see -through nude. To wear beautiful nude colours make sure that your hands are manicured and well taken care of – As a bonus it will make your fingers look longer. Pastels are also super hot and were showcased at the catwalks. Try a fun pink or orange colour to dress up any quiet outfit. You can also work a black base and make patterns with pastels on top if you don’t want it too colourful. This week spotted in the office, there’s splashes of colour, soft nudes and some daring nail art. So go ahead and express yourself though amazing nails.

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