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Blogger & Influencer Marketing

Get Connected With Influential Bloggers and Media Personalities To Give You Exposure

Getting your foot in the door can be difficult, but there are some great ways to connect with important people. Social media influencers and influential bloggers are always looking for new content on their networks, so connecting with them can provide you a huge boost of exposure.

Bloggers, influencers, and media personalities have a huge influence on the public. They can help you get noticed and they can help your business grow. All you have to do is find influential bloggers and media personalities who are willing to share content with your audience and reach out to them.

Public relations agencies often try to get their product to key bloggers. This is a good strategy because influencers are a quick and easy way to get the word out about your company or product, which can lead to higher sales and more customers. However, in many cases, this is not the best approach because it takes time for an influencer to write about the product. One way to circumvent this problem is by finding influential bloggers who will be interested in writing about your product.

Believe Advertising & PR is a public relations company that helps to get products seen by influential bloggers. The company has led its clients to new heights through many successful campaigns in the digital space, including launching with giant social media influencers. As an agency, Believe Advertising & PR can help your brand reach the people who matter most-the public.


Our blogger and influencer marketing are simply the best in all the markets we cover. Unlike other companies, we don’t just use any blogger or influencer, but we do our best to match you with an influencer who is known and trusted in your niche – an influencer that is considered a real authority in your industry. Every recommendation by bloggers and influencers we choose for you provides you the best chance of getting maximum ROI. To make this possible, we carefully select honest, effective, and respected influencers to work with. Before starting your campaign, we ensure that the influencer understands your goal and we work together with him/her throughout the duration of the campaign to ensure you are getting only the right results.

Blogger and Influencer marketing is a branch of PR service. When you use the best Australian PR company for influencer marketing, the benefits are enormous. Some reasons clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Gold Coast used our blogger and influencer marketing include but are not limited to instantly increase brand awareness, introduce new products or services, share promotional offers, and increase sales.

Yes, we have in-house experts for all the services we provide including influencer marketing. As a client, we will match you with a staff that specializes in your industry to answer all your questions and even train you or your marketing staff. Our expert will also stay in contact with you throughout the duration of your campaign.

We offer free consultations and often many of the influencers we work with don’t require payment either. For us to manage the process and select the best influencers for you, there is of course a management fee that covers our strategy, reaching out to influencers, following up and reporting.

For us, it is important to measure metrics.  We have standard in-house tools to measure our marketing metrics to determine if we reach the desired effects. Therefore, it is important to watch out for these metrics once your campaign is up and running.

Influencer marketing is a digital marketing strategy where an individual or a brand gets an endorsement or a mention from a popular social media influencer.  You don’t need to have Kim Kardashian endorse your skin product either. We work with many great micro influencers who have an engaged following that may help you drive sales and leads for new customer acquisition.