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We Help Our Clients Run Wildly Successful Events

Event planning takes the organisational skills of Taylor Swift’s dating schedule and the business flair of Kris Jenner- alternatively you can hire a PR team to plan your event.

From staging a PR stunt to throwing a grand opening, events are a great tool a business can use to convey its message to the right key audience, while expanding on the brand’s awareness. Here at Believe Advertising & PR, our event services are extensive and unique. From designing the invitation, arranging for the who’s who to attend, to following up with the press afterwards, we can take care of it all.

PR events require a lot of planning and preparation, but that is why we are here. Our recent focus has been on helping our clients run public relations campaigns that are effective and engaging to the public. We always make sure to follow up with our clients on the event’s success. Our goal is to help our clients use their events as opportunities for brand awareness, audience outreach, and social media engagement.

PR events can be difficult to run and it’s even more difficult to organize. We will get your event off the ground with our experienced team of PR and marketing professionals in the field.

PR events help get your company in the spotlight and show off its abilities. But, not everyone is creative or knows how to do PR well. This is where we come into play. We are a full-service public relations agency, who will help you plan an event that will allow your company to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate its strengths.


PR Events is one of the best ways to live up to your corporate responsibility while promoting your brand. It is a great way to put a face on your brand. This helps your business to gain credibility, trust, and loyalty. Ideally, you should do at least 2 PR Events per year.

PR Events start with setting a goal, picking a venue, and followed by inviting the news media as well as would-be customers to your event. There are various types of PR Events such as Trade Shows, Conferences, Seminars, Product Launches, and Field Marketing. Therefore, the actual process will vary a bit. As always, you do not have to worry about the process as an expert from our firm will be assigned to exclusively work with you to plan, execute, and measure the success of your PR Event.

For brands in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Gold Coast, we can help you organize in-person or virtual PR events.  We have a team of digital marketing experts in all our locations who can work together with your marketing team to promote your events to your targeted customers digitally. You can also learn more about other methods we use in promotion by talking to our digital marketing experts today.

After so many years leading the digital marketing industry in Australia, we can confidently say we have seen so many brands make different PR event mistakes. These mistakes can be: not having a clear goal, poor timing, poor promotion, poor choice of language, no newspaper knowledge, no help, no collaboration, and no metrics to measure success/failure. Most brands who made these mistakes did not work with PR firms or made a wrong choice while choosing a firm to work with. You can count on us to avoid these mistakes.

Yes, a PR event is one of the easiest ways to get in the news for all the right reasons. Ideally, you will invite news firms to cover these events. In most cases, other media firms can pick the news of your event and report it to their audience completely free of charge.