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Media Buying

Don’t Waste A Cent On Poor Performing Media. Get Expert Advice And Done-For-You Management

If you’re looking for quality marketing that will get your company the exposure it deserves, there are many ways to attract an audience but, advertising and PR are two of the best options especially in today’s world. Advertising is when a company spends money to get their name and / or products out there in different forms, such as advertisements on TV, radio, and print publications. PR is the practice of getting a brand, product, or service written about by the press. With help from an advertising and PR companies, you can give your business or product an edge over the competition by creating an effective advertising and PR campaign.

Here at Believe Advertising and PR, we have the media planning and buying skills that can make your paid advertising budget go further than you might expect. We offer a wide range of services from press releases to article publishing as well as content marketing and social media campaigns.


Consider Media Buying & Planning as the most powerful tool for cost-effective advertising. This type of advertising doesn’t just leverage one channel but combines different channels to send the right message to the right targets. It includes both print and digital media ads focused on narrowly selected targets. Moreover, at Believe Advertising, we have been doing Media Buying & Planning for 15 years and know exactly what will bring you the maximum result with a minimum budget

We have a team of experts whose jobs include educating you on the benefits and applications of Media Buying & Planning, planning your ads, negotiating cost reduction for you, and measuring performance. Once you declare your interest to work with us, we will assign you a specialist to work with you and your team all the way.

We don’t want to brag, but we have been doing Media Buying and Planning for businesses in London, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Perth for over 15 years. We have more testimonials from satisfied customers than we can imagine possible. Almost all the clients we have worked with consider us the best Media Buying & Planning firm in London, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Perth area.

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We have a very competitive price. To ensure you don’t go over your budget limit, our expert will work with you to discuss your goals and reach the best price-performance ratio. Book a free consultation with us today!

Starting a media buying and planning business isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need the right education, skills, tools, and experience. Most of our team members have degrees in Marketing, Journalism, and Humanities. This is why we understand the science of marketing to the public. You will need years of experience in marketing before you can consider starting a media buying and planning business. In any case, we may be able to provide you with advice and guide you when you contact us with your questions.

We offer the top 9 popular media types and more. Over the years, as we grow in our ability and experience, we have added more media types and continue to add more to our list. Would you like a custom media type? We may be able to make that possible, please book a consultation with us!

The best way to make your ads more effective is by using the right media firm and effective planning. Every tiny detail needs to be planned before running your ads. You need to set goals, discuss channels, agree on milestones, and set metrics for measuring your goals. All these require skill, experience, and the right tools.