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Press Release Distribution

News Wire and Press Release Distribution Services

If you are looking for the most effective way to get your story out there, you need a professional news wire service. These services can distribute press releases to media outlets that cover the broad spectrum of subjects.

News Wire and Press Release Distribution Services helps organizations get their story or press release distributed to the media. They can help you get your story to new outlets in your chosen market, they can also help you take your story to local or national media as well as to international media.

This is a great way for you to get your story on television, radio, and online in the major publications. You’ll have to determine what type of distribution you need.

If you want your story or press release to be distributed nationally or internationally, you will need to get a list of reputable media contacts.

With so many news outlets competing for attention, it’s tough to get your story or press release noticed. Here at Believe Advertising we will help you to publish your stories or press releases and keep them in the spotlight!


Our PR team at Believe Advertising & PR includes experts with years-long experience in the News and Journalism industry. Thus, they know exactly what the audience is looking for when working on your Press Release. Moreover, before we start working on your project, we will discuss with you to find out exactly your goals and ensure we achieve them for you and your brand.

We work really fast from the moment you contact us for your Press Release. However, at Believe Advertising & PR, we prioritize quality over speed. Overall, we are still faster and more efficient than other PR agencies in London, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney, and London. You can book a free strategy call with us today to find out how long your PR will take.

We have the capacity and capability to efficiently write and distribute all your Press Releases. We work with a good number of News, digital, and print media that can publish all your Press Releases. If you have a specific number of PR you want to be released, please contact us right away to discuss the most cost-effective way to do that for your brand.

Press Release is not only limited to big brands. Small and medium businesses can take advantage of PR to give a competitive edge to their business. As a small business owner, you can use PR to promote a new product, create awareness about your company, or build a positive brand image for your brand.

Your PR will be delivered immediately it is ready. We start to work on your PR as soon as you confirm your need and your objective for the PR to us. Depending on whether we are writing it for you, publishing for you, or doing both, the PR will be delivered just in a couple of days. You can find out the exact time your PR task will take simply by contacting our customer service agent. Once your PR is published, it stays on the News permanently. New customers can access your PR years after it is published.

Editorial is quite different from a news release. In an editorial, the publisher will ideally express their opinion on a specific issue while News Release is targeted at promoting news from your brand. This news could be about your new product, a promo you are offering, a new partnership, new acquisitions, new features, and more. Overall, a news release is used to promote your brand to a targeted audience.