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Product Placement

Gain A Mountain Of Exposure For Your Product Through Strategic Product Placement In Hit Australian TV Shows

Have you been looking to get your product on the big screen? If so, you may want to consider having a PR company create a strategy for promoting your product. Our product placement services can help you find and secure placement in hit TV shows, which can help boost your brand’s visibility on the big screen. Once this is done, it’s important to work with a PR expert and make sure that your product placement is strategic and enhances the audience experience.

Have a great product that you’d like to see on the silver screen?

Product placement is a popular strategy used by brands to get their positive message out to the masses. It has been widely accepted by TV viewers, and companies.

To gain sales and/or brand awareness, we help organizations to promote their products in movies and TV shows. This is a relatively inexpensive way to get your product on the screen. Before filming begins, we consult with our clients to inform them who will be cast in the movie or TV show and how they will fit into the story. You should also hire a PR expert before deciding what services are needed for your product placement. With a plan in place, you can go about securing your desired placement as efficiently as possible.


Product placement could be the key to unlocking more success with your brand. This type of advertising leverages a subtle form of advertising to create awareness about your brand and create a positive image of your product in the media. When done well (by an experienced media firm) product placement can give you an edge over your top competitors.

Product placement and product management are clearly two different things. While it is true that product placement is a form of advertising, it isn’t done as direct advertising. Instead, it is a form of embedded advertising where your product is used or talked about in another product typically a TV show. It is advertising without actual advertising. On the other hand, product management has to do with managing the entire product lifecycle, from creation to marketing.

We can easily help you to take advantage of our product placement services. Simply call us or contact us through email and we will take it from there!

By leveraging product placement and management services that we provide, you can have an edge over your top-most competitors. With these services, a specialist from our agency will work with you from the creation of the product to its marketing, advising you on the best way to create your product so it can become an instant hit once it goes to market. The best part is that we will work with you to ensure that your product reaches your targeted customers wherever they may be.

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Certainly! We usually recommend this combo if you sell online. When you talk with our in-house expert, you will learn step-by-step how you can take your online store to the next level of profitability using our product placement and management services. Book a free strategy call with us right away.