Swimwear Trends- Summer 2014

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Swimwear Trends- Summer 2014

The long summer days are approaching which means it time to have fun at the beach. This year forget your old bikini and get a fancy one piece swimsuit. Believe Advertising’s Sydney Fashion PR team have put together our picks for the season! One Piece swimsuits are up-to-date and offer more opportunities than you think. Have look at the different styles and ways to wear them: Vintage-inspired swimsuits It is the return of the 50′s! Many designers have been inspired by these classical style of bathing suits, and now, one-piece swimwear is making a comeback this summer. The flattering fifties swimsuit silhouette together with modern touches are perfect for all bodies shapes. From nice polka dots to great sports styles, these swimsuits embody old Hollywood glamour. Digital print swimsuits Straight from the couture catwalks digital prints have arrived on our shores this year. Highlight yourself with a big animal print on your body or a photo-realist image of a city. The sky, which is also a nice print, is the limit. Cut-away Swimsuits Love it or not, but even Celebrities have upgraded their closets and enjoy the freedom of not needing to work on their abs and looking sexier than ever. These beauties allow you to hide places that you don’t like and show off places that you do like.

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