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What Should Be Included in a Good Brief for PR Agencies

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What Should Be Included in a Good Brief for PR Agencies

A PR agency expects a brief from you. While it is true that the PR firm will do most of the work, they still expect you to provide them with a guideline of what you want to see from them. Unfortunately, it is no secret that most companies have no idea how to write a quality brief. When you are using an advertising agency in Australia, you will need to be explicit with what your expectations are. An advertising agency can only be able to achieve your goals if the brief is good. Most big companies have in-house media managers whose job is to write and provide brief for external advertising firms. If you do not have an expert for this, you will need to learn how to write a good PR brief by yourself.

If your PR company is not achieving the result you want, it could be the time to review the brief you provide them. In this article, you will learn the most important points that you must include in the brief you send to media companies working for you.

Top 5 Points That You Should Include in Your Brief for PR Firms

1. Your PR Objectives

Why do you need to send a PR? PR companies are not mind readers. They can be able to provide you with some suggestions and inspire ideas. However, the ultimate tasks of setting the PR objective still lies with you. Set a measurable goal to achieve with each PR that you sent out. This could be to inform the public about your new project or to solve an ongoing crisis within your company. Whatever the case, ensure you communicate it to the team working for you.

2. Your Company Objectives

Your company objectives are different from your PR objective. Think of what you want to achieve in the long term. What are the goals of your company both in short and long term? The entire PR should be written in a way that it takes these long-term company goals into consideration.

3. Your Key/Target Audience

A good advertising company in Australia won’t use the same strategy for both young and old audiences. There are contents, tone, and platforms that appeal better to teens, youths, as well as parents, and old people. Similarly, PR companies adopt different tones for different products and services in the media. The goal is to ensure that you are able to send a message that resonates with your targeted audience. It is the job of the PR company to figure out the right tone and perhaps, the right platform to release your PR message. However, it is your job to inform them about the type of audience you are targeting. This will help them to do their job better. If you have a preferred platform for your PR, ensure you include this in your brief.

4. Your PR Budget

Do not be afraid to include your budget in the brief you include for the PR companies. Most companies usually avoid giving their budget to the PR because they want to know what the company will come back with. To avoid wasting time, let the PR company know how much you are willing to pay for your project. You could always negotiate your budget later. A lot of PR companies have fixed prices for various services they provide. You could easily find these prices on their website or just request for a custom quote from the company.

5. Timing

Timing is also an important part of the brief for the PR agency. You need to give them time to prepare their proposal. Normally, this could be between one and two weeks. You also need to set the time for offer and counter-offer. Also communicate to them when exactly you want your PR released and inquire how long it will take before you can get measurable results from the PR campaign.

Final Words

An advertising agency in Australia working for your company would require a brief from you. Your goal should be to help the PR company to do a great job. One way to help them achieve that is to ensure you provide them with a good brief as mentioned above.

PR Company Sydney

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