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When Should A Company Hire a PR Firm

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When Should A Company Hire a PR Firm

One of the greatest values a company can enjoy is having people talk about it all the time. This is the reason why big companies such as Apple Inc can charge high prices on all their products and still have people rushing to buy them. Do you know the secret? Good PR! PR means Public Relations”. It makes you stay relevant and helps to endear your business to your targeted customers. This is the reason why PR agencies in Sydney are always on high demand.

Good public relations isn’t just for big corporations. In fact, this is one mistake most business-owners make. Even small and medium businesses need good PR agencies to put them in the good books of their targeted customers. When done well, the agency will help you to brand your business in such a way it stands out from its most fierce competitors. Public relations isn’t about advertising, it is about building credibility and brand image.

While most businesses agree that they need help from PR agencies in Sydney, most of them don’t know when they require the services of these firms. Thus, in this article, you will learn exactly when you should seriously consider hiring PR agencies to help you in your business.

Top 5 Times You Actually Need to Hire a PR Firm

  • When You Want to Enter a Big Market

So you want to play with big boys? Well, you will need to act like one. All the big players in the big market use the services of public relation agencies. Entering a big market with so many competitors can be a daunting task. You need a lot of planning but more importantly, you need to get it right. In most cases, companies spend millions of dollars when trying to start a competition with already established agencies. This means you have a small margin of error. You can’t afford to lose all that investment.

This is when you need an experienced and reliable PR agency. Their job includes making marketing research to understand the market and help you build the right tone that appeals to this specific market.  When done well, the right message will help you steal a good portion of market share from your competitors in a big market.

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  • When You Want to Build a Brand Image

Public relations is all about perceptions. You are what people think you are.  Let’s go back to our above example about Apple Inc. Apple can afford to sell a USB stick for $499 and people would rush to buy it because it is from, you know, “Apple”. Interestingly, buying the same USB stick from an unknown company from China for just $30 will get the same jobs done. The difference here is the brand perception and you cannot afford to miss out.

Right from the time you found your company, it is important that you find good PR agencies in Sydney to help you build your brand image.  The purpose is to help define your company the way you would like to be perceived. A good agency can help sell your brand as a brand that is environmentally friendly, cares for the planet, helps the poor, and so much more. A good PR agency is a must for building a solid brand image.

  • When You Want to Release a New Product, Services or Features

So many companies have products and services that even their most loyal customers don’t know about. You’ve done the hard work by creating the right product or services for your customers. Now is the time to get them very excited about it.

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It is recommended that you at least release up to 3 public relations messages prior to releasing a new product or service and even after the release. This ensures you keep your customers in the loop and attract new customers who may have stayed away because you previously lacked such products or services. Anytime you create a product, don’t miss the opportunity to let the general public know about it by hiring a trusted Sydney PR agency.

  • When You Want To Embark on a Big Project

If you closely follow companies such as Amazon and Google, you will notice that they always release news when they are planning to build a new plant or new factory in a new city or new country. There is a good reason for this, it brings excitement to your brand followers and observers. It is in human nature to appreciate growth. Growth means success. Success attracts friends or in this case, new customers.

Embarking on a big project shouldn’t be a secret known to you and your investors only. You need to take your brand followers along in this journey. Announcing a project for a new office building, new store, or even a new plant in a different city brings excitement. It shows a promise of more jobs to be created. By hiring a Sydney PR agency, you will be able to get your followers, customers, and observers excited about your product.

  • When Your Company is Facing a Scandal

Unfortunately, it may happen that your company finds itself in a scandal. It is certainly the last thing you want. A small scandal, when handled poorly, can put your business in a nosedive. A lot of big corporations never recovered after such a big scandal. Whether it involves your business or one of your employees, you need to hire a good PR agency ASAP.

Final Words

Don’t wait until the last minute to talk to PR agencies in Sydney.  It should be considered part of your overall marketing right from the time your business was founded. The best way is to have an experienced and reliable PR agency on your payroll. It is best when you allow them to grow with you. This way, they can understand your history, help you build your brand tone, attract more customers for you and even save you when you find yourself in trouble. If you really want to stay relevant in your industry, ensure you work with good PR agencies.

PR Company Sydney

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