Top Five Home Style Interior Trends: Autumn 2017

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Our Home and Lifestyle department here at our Sydney PR Agency has put together a list of the Top Five Home Style Interior Trends for Autumn 2017. The Melbourne PR Agency Lifestyle department had some thoughts on the subject and gave us here in Sydney, some inspiration for the blog post.

Trend 1. Spice Up The Marble. 

Marble was one of the most talked about trends of 2016 and according to Vogue’s trend alert, marble is here to stay. As classic as it is practical, marble traditionally works well in the kitchen and bathroom, making small spaces appear bigger. To easily incorporate some marble in your home, try the material on homewares or kitchen accessories instead. Marble chopping boards, pestle and mortars as well as small wall shelves will help create a luxe look in your home without the expense of renovating your main living areas.

Trend 2. Lust For The Desert.

The trend celebrates the raw versus the clean and consists of colours that are natural and earthy.  This trend is perfect if you’d like to keep your home looking natural without going crazy on bright colours. Natural colours have a long “life cycle” and will probably never outdate, which makes them a smart choice for a base colour. Natural colours are always a safe bet, but be careful when adding it into your home as natural colours can look a little cold sometimes. This can easily be solved by adding colourful colours of the season on statement pieces like pillows, lamps or small interior details. These small adjustments will keep you in style at all times.

Trend 3.The Dark Woods.

Timber is a fantastic way of bringing warmth and tradition to your home and homewares. Blonde timber has commonly been used for its lightness in colour and versatility within many homes but 2017 will see the rise of dark timber. Robust and bold, dark timber is sure to create a statement in your home. You can incorpate timber into your floors or furniture. Sourcing timber furniture that is recycled or sustainable will not only bring with it a rustic, “worn in” look but you’ll be doing your bit for the environment.

Trend 4.Muted Colours.

Muted colours are super on-trend this year with hues such as whites, beiges, camel, greys and blush pinks the way to go. An emerging colour growing quickly is “greige”, which is a combination of grey and beige, perfect for when you’re on the fence about your muted colour choice. If this colour doesn’t speak to you, deep green, deep blue and mushroom pink are also popular this year and a great way to create depth in your home without going overboard.

Trend 5.Tropical Patterns.

The tropical pattern draws your mind to Palm Springs and will make your home look colourful and fresh. The trend “jungalow” – a combo of bungalow and jungle, is starting to make its mark in 2017 and is all about bright colours and patterns. This trend gives your home a fun and glamorous feel without loosing its style. If this trend is something for you, why not ad some African motifs, whimsical wallpapers or exotic patterns with large-fronted ferns across your walls. If you would like to incorporate the colour of the year, “Greenery” as well, you can channel it in this trend by using large scale botanical prints.

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